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A fire can destroy everything in your home, including your guns jewelry and precious papers.   Let Champion Safe Outlet protect the precious content within your safe with our fireproof safes in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County.


Fire Rating


Paper starts to char at around 405 degrees Fahrenheit, while guns are damaged above 500 degrees. Our safes have been tested in a ASME Certified facility to determine fire ratings.  Each safe has an individual fire rating.  Our safes have a heat expanding fire seal around the door frame that will seal the door during a fire giving another level of protection during a fire.  To keep these safe during a fire, invest in a fire resistant gun safe from Champion Safe Outlet. We guarantee Phoenix Fire Security quality standards in all our safes so your guns will be secure from both fire and theft.  We offer a lifetime warranty for all of our safes.


Gypsum for Insulation, Thick and Heavy-Duty Metal


All house safes have some form of fire resistant insulation, but nothing beats gypsum in keeping the heat out. Our gun safes are made from this unparalleled insulation material. But what makes gypsum so special? Once this material reaches 262 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts releasing water vapor into the air, which then soaks up the heat and prolongs protection from fire.


In addition, fire can destroy lightweight doors in only minutes, but our gun safes are made of heavy, tough, and thick American-made steel.


Strength and Duration of the Fire

Note, however, that no gun safe is truly fireproof and unbreakable. Whether it holds up to a fire depends on many elements, including the fire itself and the duration of the fire. But our safes provide an extra layer of protection that your guns wouldn’t otherwise have.


Our gun safes can protect your guns for up to two hours of fire, depending on the fire rating of the individual safe.


For more information about our Salt Lake City fireproof safes, call Champion Safe Outlet today.

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