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Gun Vault


Champion Safe Outlet offers gun safes of all shapes, sizes, and designs in Salt Lake County.


Safe, Secure, Reliable


Regulating and controlling the accessibility and visibility of your firearms is important to gun safety. Burglars are your biggest threats, but think of the other people in your home: your other family members, children, and guests.


Our models incorporate all of Champion Safe’s renowned security features, including a heavy-duty steel body for unmatched strength. Whether you’ve done a lot of customization over the years or have built a precision rifle and perfected it after countless hours at the range and loading bench, our reliable gun vaults can keep your firearms safe.


Protection from Fires


You know how destructive a fire can be. Our Salt Lake City gun safes have a good fire rating to reduce the risk of damages from fire. These vaults can protect your valuables for as long as two hours.


Spacious Enough to Fit Multiple Guns and Accessories



The safes are also spacious; you can fit every last valuable, and then some. These include multiple rifles and pistols, as well as accessories like ammo and scopes to keep them safe and secure until your next hunting or shooting excursion.


Flawless Finish


Beyond the safety, security, and spaciousness of Champion Safe models, the gun vaults that we stock also boast a flawless outer finish, and a well-appointed interior that’s versatile and beautiful. The safes are practical and provide protection against theft and fire – without the bland look of a generic gun safe.


Browse our catalogue for more information about each gun safe model.

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