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Vault Doors Available  



At Champion Safe Outlet, it’s our goal to provide you the largest selection of the best American-made steel safes in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County. We’re always here to help our customers, providing a wealth of knowledge about the safe that's right for you. We want each customer to have a great safe buying experience. Please stop by our store and find the right safe at the right price.


Open Tuesday thru Friday Noon to 5 PM and Saturday's, 10 AM to 2 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday.
We also have Gun Vault personal handgun safes!


Champion Safe Outlet sells the highest quality home safes in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and across the United States. Not all safes are created equal; many companies use thin-gauge China-imported steel bent to look thick. Champion only uses thick American-made high-strength steel. That’s why our safes are the heaviest, strongest, and most secure safes on the market.


We also carry Gun Vault brand hand gun safes and safe accessories like dehumidifiers and light bar kits.



Discover industry-leading security safes in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, with the advanced features you need. These include reinforced steel door jams, 4- way active bolt system, dial and electronic lock options, and fire-resistant door and walls.


We offer a full range of the Superior, Champion and Safeguard safe brands.


Superior Safe Series


The products in our Superior Safe Series are known for their top-notch design, the finest details, as well as craftsmanship. Hand crafted makes a difference and you will see it in the quality of our products.  Our employees are highly skilled, and they pay attention even to the smallest detail; they perform each step of the production process with accuracy and precision.


With the Superior Safe Series, there are no shortcuts and there is no room for mistakes.  Superior safes feature 4-way active bolt work, American made steel door and walls, functional door organizers, exterior hinges for 180 degree of door opening, paint finish options and dial or electronic locks.



Champion Safe Series


The Champion Series is built with the highest quality craftmanship.  The Champion safe series has many of the features that the Superior Safes have the biggest differences is the hinge placement.  Champion safes have an INTERIOR hinge and the door opens to 90 degrees.  Champion safes are still built to high standards,



not built to a certain price. Each safe is constructed with heavy, tough, and thick American steel.


The Champion Series features the heaviest, strongest, and most secure safes on the market, but with a cut-rate price.


Champion safes feature 4-way active bolt work, American made steel door and walls, functional door organizers, interior hinges for 90 degrees of door opening, paint finish options and dial or electronic locks.



Safe Guard Series


Our Safe Guard Series showcases the most secure safes at the most affordable prices in America. Safe Guard gun safes use high-grade steel parts and components. The Standard and Deluxe models come in a variety of sizes, from 11 cubic feet to 45 cubic feet and feature an external hinge with a 180 degrees of door opening.   Loaded with features, the Safe Guard Series also offers fire protection and enduring value.




We don’t just offer gun safes. We also offer the accessories you need for gun ownership, including hot-rod dehumidifiers that protect from rust, mildew, and moisture, and can cover approximately 100 cubic feet.  We also sell light bar kits.

Why a Champion Safe?

Champion has three safe lines: Superior, Champion and Safe Guard.

·      Every safe features 4-way active bolt works

·      Champion provides more security for the dollar than any other brand.

·      Stronger safe bodies – 100% continuous MIG welds and steel reinforced door casements on all models.

·      More door steel than our competitors-stronger doors with full inner door steel.

·      All lines are built with American made steel and feature 4-way active bolt works. 

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer, we have the right safe, at the right price. 

Find What You’re Looking For



Yes, at the time of purchase we can give you a delivery cost estimate.  Have an idea of where you want the safe, will it need to be moved through a doorway, up or down stairs.  


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, and American Express, As well as Checks and Cash.  We also offer Key Bank financing on approved credit.


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